Understanding the Dangers of Faulty Brakes

Understanding the Dangers of Faulty Brakes

22% of all vehicle related crashes occur due to problems related to the brakes. Most of these crashes are completely avoidable with regular visits to your local mechanic for maintenance checks. Apart from changing the oil, and running engine diagnostics, the mechanic would also check your brakes and make necessary repairs.

Faulty brakes can put your life in danger and also be a major legal liability. Here are the following things that can happen if your vehicle has faulty brakes.

Rear-ending another vehicle

When brakes stop working, the only way the car can stop moving is when it collides with something else. This can be any other car especially if you’re in moving traffic and can cause other cars damage as well.

Vehicle over turning

Failing brakes can stop your car abruptly, misalign its center of gravity and roll it over completely. The tires can also lose their balance and the car can skid out of control easily. This is due to lack of traction with the road due to the front wheels not aligned.

Vehicle coming to a halt

In worst case scenarios, where brake calipers are damaged, the car might stop in the middle of traffic, leaving you prone to accidents.

Signs of a faulty brake

Watch out for these ominous sounds in your car to identify a possible brake problem. If these are some of the things you experience, it’s time to schedule a maintenance check ASAP!

Squealing sound

There’s a lining on your brake pads which causes friction and when it starts to wear down, it means you need to replace those tired old brake pads. If you hear any kind of grinding and screeching, it could be your car calling out for help.

Understanding the Dangers of Faulty Brakes 2

Fallen brake pedal

If you notice your brake pedal is further than it used to be, it means it has fallen. This means a realignment of the brake pedal is in order because there’s either a mechanical failure in the brake master cylinder or your brakes are air-locked.

Trembling steering wheel

Vigorous vibration in your brake pedal is a sign that the rotors are not functional anymore. Metal rubbing on metal for too long can cause this to happen.

Don’t confuse this with your anti-lock brake acting up instead, which might cause similar circumstances when you brake too hard. In this case, a signal should light up letting you know what’s wrong.

Deflection upon braking

If you notice your car turning sideways when you pump the brakes, it could mean that there is an oil block. This puts uneven pressure on the wheels and could suggest a brake caliper default. If this occurs, take your car to a mechanic immediately.

Understanding the Dangers of Faulty Brakes 3

Fluid on tires

Low brake fluid or contaminated fluid are some common problems which can result in faulty brakes. Sometimes the fluid leaks out of the brake line and out of your car. This causes added friction on your tires and the system. If you suspect this, place a cardboard under your car overnight and watch if there are signs of any leaks.

Vehicle maintenance is an essential part of owning a car and we can help you with it! If you’re in search of Auto Services in Las Vegas and Brake Repair Service Las Vegas, contact us today!


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